Life Chapel International started in 1996 with Pastor Paul and a few of his friends.
We didn’t have a venue on our first Sunday as a church, so we went out to Hakone and worshiped outside.


Moving to Shonandai

1 year later, we were able to start having church services in Shonandai, Fujisawa, which was our vision.  Since the very beginning, our mission has been to evangelize to young people, and it is still very important to us.

“Empowering the Youth”

What Life Chapel aims for is for young people to be empowered.  We want to empower the youth to become first-class people who are trust-worthy and true to themselves.  This can only be achieved by knowing the One who created you.  We need to know God to know yourself.

Life Chapel wants young people to know God and know themselves and become first-class.


Life Chapel is part of the Hope Chapel group that started in Hawaii. Pastor Ralph Moore, the founder of Hope Chapel, has continued to support Life Chapel and Pastor Paul.