『神様の約束を信じて』”Believe the Promise of God”

Bible: Numbers 14:9

1. 偵察の目的と偵察隊の派遣
  The purpose of exploring the land and sending spies to the land

2. 約束の地のぶどうの房を二人で担ぐ
  Two people carried a cluster of grapes on a pole between them.

3. いなごに見えた=問題は自分の頭の中にいる
  We seemed like grasshoppers in our own eyes=The problem is in our own mind.

4. カレブとヨシュアの信仰
  The faith of Caleb and Joshua

5. 神様の約束を信じない『罪』
  The “sin” of not believing God’s promise

6. 十字架で現された神様の愛
  God’s love shown upon the cross


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