The Faith Shining In Prison

Acts 16:16-34 Apostle Paul casts out the spirit of fortune-telling. Paul and Silas were put into prison. The prayer and praise in the prison in the middle of the night. The other prisoners were listening to them. A big earthquake happened. Doors opened and the chains came loose. The jailer and his family were saved. […]

“The Faith” Series 5

The Top of the Mountains (Isaiah 2:2-3) The prophecy for the last days The mountain of the Lord’s house & the house of Jacob is the church of God! The Mountains mean the powerful countries, companies, and organizations in the world. Non-believers will come to church! The churches will take the leadership of the age!

“The Faith” Series 4

“The Hundredfold Blessing” Genesis 26:1-31 A church, a house of God is the pillar and the foundation of truth. Jacob’s father Isaac Sowing the seeds with faith in the famine He reaped a hundredfold! He doesn’t quarrel because he has faith. “It’s all right. God is with us.” Because God is with us, non-believers will […]

“The Faith” Series 3

Genesis 28:17-18 The right of the first born and the second son Jacob Runaway in terror and despair The stone Jacob put under his head Bethel, the house of God 3000 years later Paul said, “which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth. (1 Ti 3:15) The house […]