Life Chapel English Class

Last Saturday, we had a free English class for kids at Life Chapel. More than 20 children came and we had a blast!             Kylee and Stephen taught the children some vocabulary, did games using those words, shared a story from the Bible, and ended the class with coloring.         We had tacos for […]


Water Baptism

Last Sunday afternoon, we had water baptisms at Tsujido Beach. 3 elementary school kids, 1 junior high, and 1 high school student, a total of 5 young people got baptized. This reminded me of the Bible verse: Remember your Creator in the days of your youth. (Ecclesiastes 12:1) May their lives be blessed abundantly, walking […]


Strawberries, Picnic, BBQ

It’s been awhile since our last post, but doesn’t mean we weren’t busy! The week after Golden Week, we went strawberry picking in Hiratsuka. After we ate our fill of fresh picked strawberries, we went to the park to have a picnic! Also, we had a BBQ near Sagami River the other day. The weather […]


Seminar by Pastor Ralph Moore

“The Power of Small Churches” On May 10th, Pastor Ralph Moore from Hope Chapel Honolulu will be giving a seminar at Hope Chapel Tokorozawa. The seminar is entitled “The Power of Small Churches,” and it will sure to be an encouragement to many churches in Japan. Please come if you are interested, and remember to […]


RIZE Picnic & Scavenger Hunt

Today we went on a picnic and played a big game of photo scavenger hunt at Oba-joushi Park. We had a prompt list of things or scenes we needed to take pictures of. Points were given depending on the difficulty level. The photo above was one of the prompts, which was hadoukening. I didn’t know […]


40 Days

Today is Ash Wednesday, which is the first day of Lent, marking 40 days until Easter! In recent years, the “Easter” concept seems to be getting more common in Japan due to the fact that Tokyo Disneyland celebrates it for 2 months (all the way up to mid-June), but when I was in junior high […]


Hot Pot Party!

For this month’s RIZE event, we had a Hot Pot Party! A hot pot, or Nabe in Japanese, is a dish where you cook meat and vegetables in stock. The definition itself makes it sound like regular soup, but it’s different in that you usually have a portable cooking stove on the table and eat […]


Christmas Celebration!!

So this year’s Christmas service’s theme was “Celebration,” but I actually had a sub-theme, which was “the star.” Yes, the star that guided the 3 wise men to Jesus, hope of the nations. I’ve always wondered what the ★ mark in between Life and Chapel represented in our logo.  I had somehow concluded that it […]