Posts from April 2014


Seminar by Pastor Ralph Moore

“The Power of Small Churches” On May 10th, Pastor Ralph Moore from Hope Chapel Honolulu will be giving a seminar at Hope Chapel Tokorozawa. The seminar is entitled “The Power of Small Churches,” and it will sure to be an encouragement to many churches in Japan. Please come if you are interested, and remember to […]


Life Chapel mini CD album!

We handed them out to those who attended our Easter Service last Sunday, but we recorded our very own mini-album! All of the vocals and instruments are by Life Chapel members, but the 3rd song, “Sukui no Shirabe (Melody of Salvation)” is our original. Please listen to it! Hope you like it:)


Discontinuation of Sunday English School

We started a monthly English class for Japanese children on July 2010 taught by people from Atsugi Base, but we sadly announce that it will be discontinued as of April 20, 2014. We are thankful for the teachers who had been creative and worked hard in teaching shy Japanese children. Also, we are thankful for […]