Posts from March 2014


RIZE Picnic & Scavenger Hunt

Today we went on a picnic and played a big game of photo scavenger hunt at Oba-joushi Park. We had a prompt list of things or scenes we needed to take pictures of. Points were given depending on the difficulty level. The photo above was one of the prompts, which was hadoukening. I didn’t know […]


We’re on Instagram too!

We’re being very busy these days, and we also started an Instagram account as well! We’ll be posting about Life Chapel’s events and sometimes post pictures with Bible verses. Or maybe other things too. Anyway, if you’re already an Instagramer, please follow us! Life Chapel Instagram Account: @lifechapelinternational The link can be also found on […]

Sunday School Time

Change in Sunday School time

Changing the time of Sunday School We have been doing the children’s Sunday School in the afternoon from 1:30~2:30 pm this past school year (Japanese school year is from April~March), but after much consideration, we have decided to move it up to 10:00~10:45 am in the morning before our Sunday Service. We are sorry for […]


Life Chapel’s Facebook Page!

Life Chapel’s motto for this year is “Innovation” so we’re challenging many new things! We now started a Facebook page! (we’ve had a Life Chapel group for some time, but we didn’t have a page) It’s still very new and there’s not much content, but we’ll be updating events and stuff, so please “Like” it! […]


Life Chapel’s Twitter Account!

Actually I didn’t even know until today, but apparently Life Chapel has had an official twitter account since last March. It’s been updated quite frequently recently, so if you use twitter, please follow us! Account name: @LifeChapel1996 You can find the link from the social icon on the top and bottom of this website too! […]

Lake Smelt


Our Pastor was born and raised in Kamakura near the beach, and his hobby is fishing. In fact, he’s a pretty good fisher and we Life Chapelers are occasionally blessed from his catch. Of course it depends on the season, but this day he served lake smelt that he caught from ice fishing in Shiretoko, […]


40 Days

Today is Ash Wednesday, which is the first day of Lent, marking 40 days until Easter! In recent years, the “Easter” concept seems to be getting more common in Japan due to the fact that Tokyo Disneyland celebrates it for 2 months (all the way up to mid-June), but when I was in junior high […]