20th Anniversary CD Project!


また、音楽好きが多く集まるライフチャペルでは定期的にCDを作っているのですが、この20周年を記念すべく、20周年プロジェクトアルバムとして「There Is Hope〜まだ知らない場所へ〜」を発表します!2月19日のイベントで20周年ノベルティと共にお配りします。オリジナル賛美を5曲とハワイの姉妹教会であるアンカーチャーチが出したCDから3曲和訳したものが収録されており、聞き応えのある作品に仕上がってますので是非楽しみにしていてください!

Life Chapel International was established in 1996, and is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year (Japanese fiscal year). We will have a special service and a concert with a special guest on Feb 19 to celebrate our 20th Anniversary, so please come if you can!

Also, we have many music enthusiasts at Life Chapel, so we have been making CDs from time to time during the past 20 years, so we decided to make one to celebrate this occasion as well. The title of the CD is “There Is Hope,” and it will be released on Feb 19, and it will be handed out to people who come to our event, along with another special gift. The album consists of 5 original worship songs as well as 3 translated versions of songs from Anchor Church’s CD, “With You”. We are very excited about this release, and hope you will enjoy it!


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